Radiant solution is no. 1 telecom training provider. Our team of experts are best in industry to equip you with telecom training courses.

RF Planning Design

Radio network planning comprises of radio network dimensioning, planning of the coverage, capacity, frequency allocation and interference analysis. Moreover it includes detailed planning, which concentrate on parameter planning with necessary field measurement.

Our exclusive services under network planning are :

  • Cell site’s Nominal planning to meet the desire objective of sites.
  • Cell site radio parameter database preparation and audit.
  • Network Drive testing Voice & Data and Post processing.
  • CW Data Collection & Propagation model tuning.

Benchmarking Services

Our Benchmarking Services provides this QoE insight to wireless carriers by delivering business intelligence to maximize customer satisfaction to reduce churn, increase ARPU and increase ROI of CapEx and OpEx.

Key Benefits

  • Centrally manage usage and information dissemination across the entire engineering organization.
  • Reduce training costs by centrally capturing and disseminating best practices and Intellectual Property(IP).

Rf Optimization

Radio frequency optimisation is all about telecom training in deriving best results out of available RF. Optimal utilisation is the key to business success and hence we apply it in telecom training courses.

Key Benefits

  • Optimising the RF results in best analysis of weak spots of network.
  • Linking various cell sites for the best network coverage and performance.
  • Managing the traffic of network and releasing congested cells.

Microwave Engineering

Cellular networks facing challenges are extensive and unavoidable due to new technology, Coverage and Capacity requirement. Today’s Network Planning requires great strategies and forward planning.

Key services under this :

  • LOS Survey for backbone and intra city Access link.
  • Transmission Network Planning.
  • Microwave Network Audit and Optimization.

In-Building Solution

We offer In-building solutions with 2G/3G and Wi Max technologies One of the fastest changes in mobile network rollouts is occurring inside the buildings.

Services we provide :

  • Identification of potential buildings for IBS.
  • Trace and identify coverage and capacity weak spots in building.
  • Propose best suitable RF source to resolve pretending problem.
  • LOS & Link Planning to connect site/repeater.
  • RF parameter planning for site/repeater.

Consulting Services

We provide technically sound consultants with right attitude, responsibility and sincerity towards work to meet given target in best possible timeline in India and Oversea market:

Services we provide :

  • RF Network Planners (GSM / CDMA)
  • RF Optimizers (GSM/ CDMA)
  • Transmission Planners
  • RF Drive Testing Experts
  • RF & LOS Survey Engineers

Offshore Service Delivery

OPO (Offshore Planning & Optimization) is a Process & Knowledge driven system Radiant Solutions Networks. Its aim is to perform Radio/Transmission Planning & Network Optimization from a location that is remote to the Physical Project Location.

RF Service Packages

  • Network Planning Tendering Support
  • Nominal Planning & BoQ
  • Planning Tool Update
  • Site Parameter Planning

Operation & Maintenance

This is the most crucial part of our telecom training services. Client satisfaction through operations and maintenance is very important to us.

We offer following services:

  • O & M of BTS/BSC Sites under all types of works like preventive and regular maintenance, daily/weekly & monthly check points.
  • Taking care of regular payment of electricity, taxes, rent etc.
  • Routine Diesel filling, Oil & Battery check.
  • Extra care of critical equipments and 24 x 7 supervision support to avoid outage.

Installation & Commissioning

Installation and commission of network essentials is done with care by us. Electric equipment that needs to be installed is also our responsibility.

Our services:

  • Installation of rack/DDF as per floor plan, couple, anchor, grounding, proper cable routine and labeling.
  • Installation, commissioning and testing of BTS/BSC/MSC equipments.
  • Installation, commissioning and alignment of Microwave hops up to 3m.
  • Equipments, Supply and assembling of cable (RF, VF, Power and E1 cables etc.)

Wi-Fi Network Services

With the exponential growth in mobile data usage, Wi-Fi is becoming a “must have” ingredient in operators’ arsenal and long term strategy.

Total Wi-Fi Solutions

  • Site Survey.
  • Wi-Fi turnkey Diagram with Access Points.
  • Preparing BoQ.
  • Draw Installation Plan.
  • Post Installation Coverage Verification.