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Radiant Solutions is an I.T company offering SMART Room Solutions and Comprehensive PC technical support service for clients across India. We have an excellent online tech support team comprising of experienced professionals.

Our story

Necessity is the mother of Invention, no more remains the definition for the pace at which communication/networking in this world is transforming itself from a mere need to a desired want. Invention has further been replaced by customer requisite .
Radiant Solutions started operations in service industry in 2014, is a “One stop solution” for all sorts of tasks related to Solar, IT, Telecommunications by providing enhanced services, relationship & profitability-pan India.We are in IT trainings, where we do several training programme with Top IT companies.


Grow with quality service and commitment.


To keep all parameters in service to serve clients.


Punctuality, Commitment and Quality.

Radiant Solutions

Why us?

Radiant solutions is an organization with focus on delivering technical & telecom solutions . We believe in creating value for IT, telecom ,Service industry through our quality services in wireless technologies and next generation communication network exposure and working on various technologies in major IT, telecom companies.

Aloha India, is the Indian subsidiary of Aloha International, Malaysia, a Global Leader in advanced Abacus and Mental Arithmetic programs specially designed for children in the 4-14 year age group. ALOHA International is the world’s largest Abacus training company. It has trained more than 5 million students in the last 23 years of existence. Over the past few years, ALOHA International has received, an affiliate of MAMAA (Malaysian Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association), a premier institution recognized the world over and its affiliate of Zhejiang Abacus Association, a distinguished agency for computing techniques headquartered in Hong-shou, China.

Our Skills

Radiant solution’s business collaboration model is the optimal cost industry. The team has rich experience in working with various technologies and global organizations. With quality and customer satisfaction as the major benchmarks for any service provided, we have also managed well to provide all the services at reasonable and standards.

Technical Updates
Team Work
Commitment Towards Quality

Our Services

Our investors bring a broad wealth of knowledge and experience about our industry. Your business can benefit from this.


Our abacus classes are time tested and promote smart learning of Arithmetic. Our digital class room and abacus classes go hand in hand.


Our telecom training and services are focused at maximum coverage with powerful network selection. We study our area and cell site minutely.

Smart Classes

New era kids depend on digital classroom. It is a part of their curriculum. We empower you with technically advanced smart classes.


Our team of experts deliver training and abacus classes with 100% results. The smart learning techniques we apply are loved by our clients.


Our solar panels are easy to install, and demands lesser maintenance. Every bit of solar engineering is powerful and satisfying at Radiant solutions.









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Our Features

Steered by a leadership with vision, Aloha India has set new benchmarks for the industry and is increasingly becoming popular across India by its faculties of over 5,00,000 students, 1500 centers across 26 states in India.

Radiant Solutions
  • Unlimited Door Step Visits
  • Certified Hardware Engineers
  • 100% Resolution Guaranteed
  • FREE Remote Support Included
  • 365 Support 7 Days Working
  • Onsite Support

Our Clients

Our dedicated and continuous efforts to bring cutting edge solutions are valued by our clients who believe that our technological support service have helped them to stay ahead of their competitors.

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