improving knowledge of Your Kids at Radiant’s Abacus Center in Jaipur

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Radiant’s Abacus Center in Jaipur activities are focused on improving educational and mathematical knowledge and concentration for all age groups using modern unconventional method. It is not just supplying the products & services. it is about developing and understanding needs of every single student who have committed with us.

As the level of abacus learning for kids’ increases, its complexity also increases and it requires regular practice. Abacus maths for kids becomes boring due to the same monotonous way of exercising problems. But, our software ensures proper engagement and keeps the interest of the children alive, by making them practice sums on a gaming platform that is bright and vibrant.

Radiant’s Abacus Center in Jaipur Highlights

  • Complete abacus training kit including 17rod Abacus
  • Real 17 rod Abacus
  • Practice on real abacus
  • Most efficient way to learn Abacus
  • Unlimited Abacus Practice Sessions
  • Most cost effective Abacus tutorial with real abacus
  • Abacus Calculations up to 5 digit numbers
  • Very simple to understand
  • Infinite of practice sessions for abacus calculation
  • Step by step animated explanations for abacus bead movements


In young kids the brain is constantly building to form new connections in response to the stimulation received. This process uses the 3 senses (tactile, visual and auditory) to develop and balance the mental, physical, social interaction, emotional, personality and confidence of children. Regular practice of abacus, Brain gym and Speed writing helps children.

  • Improve in academics – through improved concentration, comprehension, retention and recall, logical reasoning and speed & accuracy of computing skill
  • Enjoy the fun of learning and reduce stress
  • Feel and act more confident
  • Grasp faster and are more attentive
  • Learn to compete and win
  • Improve their numerical ability

At Radiant’s Abacus Center in Jaipur, we use Soroban Abacus as a tool for development of Child’s Brain. We introduce different ways of mental calculations that develops numerous abilities and ultimately helps in development of Right Brain. This is the only program which teaches these techniques through Interactive and Virtual methods. The course is designed in such a way that children enjoy it a lot.

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radiantsolimproving knowledge of Your Kids at Radiant’s Abacus Center in Jaipur

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